Baby Bites

Baby Bites is about fun and excitement... but above all Baby Bites is different !!! Born in 2013 with the intention to create something different, something that everyone could smile about, its creators Sofia Marques and Andrea Durall came up with the shark sleeping bag which has become their flagship. All their products are handmade in Barcelona with lots of love by local suppliers. Unique products for the coolest kids. 

Egg Sleeping Bag

Egg Sleeping Bag


Keep your newborn cozy and warm with this truly wonderful egg sleeping bag. It fits babies up to 3 months. This sleeping bag, which is handmade in Spain, has an inner fastening strap so that your baby is not tempted to go down deeper inside the bag. You can use it in the crib and stroller.

Pink Sleeping Bag

Pink Shark Sleeping Bag


This super cool shark sleeping bag in pink is for fun-loving babies between 1 and 18 months. Baby Bites sleeping bags can be used both for the crib and  as a footmuff when going for a walk with the stroller thanks to the universal buttonholes. The sleeping bag, which is handmade in Spain, has a side zip so you can move the baby in and out...